Spice Up Your Life: Jokes and Advice

My dad could have been a comedian in another life. He's jokes are not the most thought-through, but no "knock-knock" ones either. No punch line; just random, and writing them here might not make you laugh as much as if you heard them in person. But read on, because his jokes are not the only message he sends. 

Joke: Clothes hanger on the floor. He says: "We can hang around here for awhile."

Joke: Watching football. Tashard Choice on the Dallas Cowboys tackles someone. He says: "I guess he had no choice but to tackle him." He keeps going: "That was his only choice.

Joke: At my first college visit to Ohio University, my parents and I were testing the dinning halls. We went to Boyd Dinning Hall  and my dad had grabbed some dish with potatoes and peas. When we sat down, surrounded by 100s of my peers, my dad accidentally tips his tray and spills a few of the peas on the table. He then shouts "OH NO, I PEED ON THE TABLE!" As in a movie scene, my face turned bright red and I slowly inched away from his seat. 

That's my dad. And he cracks many more jokes than I can ever remember. Actually, his advice is what I tend to remember the most. 

Advice: "In a business, you always need good customer service--you need real people who know what they are talking about, no computers."

Advice: "Face-to-face is the best way to get some one's attention."

Advice: "Presentation is everything."

Advice: "I'm all about networking. Sometimes it's who you know."

The last advice I mentioned is my favorite, especially since I am in PR. And my dad actually knows what he is talking about--he doesn't just spit out advice like he does jokes--he knows from experience. 
Throughout my dad's life, he has met a lot of people. He's not a shy guy. This will be a great help for his new business. He got his idea with a partner of starting a national packaging and distributing spice company called Spice Guys (a pun on "Spice Girls" the band). I thought he was joking when he first told me. But they have already attended spice conventions and talked with an advertiser, a manufacture, a web designer, and a business attorney. 
This is an exciting time for my dad--he has worked within restaurant businesses for over 30 years but he has never taken on a project such as this. He and his partner need all the help they can get. That is where I come in. I can research other spice companies, spices in general, packaging, distributing, designs, and social media through the Internet, other professionals, and books. I could also help them with their social networking skills on the Internet. Not to mention, the labor in packaging these spices. No matter what I help with, this will be a learning experience. 
Even though my dad's jokes might only create a laugh, if anything a smile and a roll of the eyes, he gives advice that a PR entrepreneur like me need to hear. Later, I will post how his company is going and I will give you a website for it when it's up and running. 
Got any advice for my dad and his partner? Or for my blog? Keep in touch. Leave a comment here or e-mail me at nicolebersani@gmail.com. Thanks.