Media Overload

While I am getting ready in the morning before my first class, I check my mail. Messages from CNN, The New York Times, NBC Chicago, PRSA, PRSSA,, Twitter, Facebook, and numerous blogs all fill up my inbox. Occasionally I will turn on the TV and switch between different news channels; however, lately that has been less and less the more and more I try to sleep-in. 

TweetDeck is constantly one of my many windows open--more news feeds! I have mentioned this before, but I will start clicking on stories, respond to others, click on a blog post, reply to a follower...  You know how when you are telling a story and moments later you realize you are drifting off? You do not know how you got to this point--it is so far away from what you started with. Well, that is me on the Inernet. I tend to keep wondering and end up in a place having no idea how I got to this website--then, I try to backtrack because I did not finish reading previous stories. Those will then lead me on another path once again. I know I am not the one own that this happens to. 

Walking to class, I will stop to pick up the The Post

Texts via Twitter throughout the day.

In between a break from class, the Facebook fix.

Blogs sent via e-mail. Leads me to check Google Reader. Alltop.

More internet surfing at multiple times. More e-mail updates. Texts. 

Count all the media outlets you go through in one day. It's hard--I bet I am forgetting something above. 

We are told constantly to keep up with current events, blogs, newspapers, news stations... I know I want to read tons of daily feeds but it can be hard. First, how do you sort through it? I found that Google Reader is a good way to keep blogs and news organized. Also, Alltop lets you create your own feed of blogs and websites that you are personally interested in. Tweetdeck is another great tool that lets you organize groups of tweeple you're following. 

Then, how do we comprehend it all? It can become overwhelming--a media overload. Our society is media-crazed! We want to know everything about everyone. We are curious people. I know that I do not have the patience to sit down and read every story. And I especially don't have the time. Sometimes I'll delete e-mails, walk by the newspaper stacks, and ignore the texts. Sometimes I am just too busy at the moment and before I know it, I will have missed many of my main stream media outlets for the day. But I do enjoy reading as much as possible. 

I take for granted how lucky we are to have access to endless information at our fingertips everywhere we go.